Sivanesan Sinniah, B.Sc, B.Ed, O.C.T

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Contributing Editor

Contributing Editor

Sivanesan Sinniah ┬áis a prolific writer in English and Tamil. He has written many feature articles on science and Hinduism, short stories, poems, stage plays and radio plays. He has been producing and directing stage plays in Sri Lanka and Toronto. He is also a freelance program producer in TV and radio. He has conducted many interviews and talk shows on radio and TV. Presently he is conducting a program in Geethavani Radio with Dr. Lambotharan titled “Vinganamum meignanamum” every Sunday.

He is a retired School Community Advisor of Toronto District School Board and York Region District School Board. He is an Emeritus Principal of Kopay Christian College, Sri Lanka.

He has published 6 books in Tamil and a book of children poems in English and Tamil. His short stories which were published in Monsoon Journal recently is being printed as a book entitled “Pearl Necklace”.

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