Andrea Shanmugarajah

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Health & Care Writer

Health & Care Writer

Andrea Shanmugarajah is a student in her final year at the University of Toronto, where she is pursuing a degree in Life Sciences. She is hoping to pursue a career in medicine, and hopes that as a physician in the future, she will be able to aid and advocate for those who are under-served, such as the elderly.

She has contributed a number of articles to the Monsoon Journal, where she writes about issues pertaining to the elderly and their caregivers. She has worked widely with seniors, through her volunteer work as well as through her own experiences with her late grandmother. She hopes to educate others about the number of difficulties seniors face, as well as offer insight about caring for parents and grandparents as they get older.

In her free time, Andrea volunteers for a number of organizations, such as the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Alzheimer Society. Beyond that, she loves to spend her time reading, drawing, or spending time with her large family.

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