Three major parties remain in a close horse race – Nanos Polls Survey

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Canada Election – 2015

Three major parties remain in a close horse race – Nanos Polls Survey


Conservatives improve their position according to latest survey

                                         By Siva Sivapragasam

The latest Nanos Polls survey reveals that the three major parties fighting the Canadian federal election are locked in a tight horse race with minimum and marginal differences in popularity among the voters.

The numbers for the three leading parties are as follows in the latest polls survey:

  • Liberals: 31.7 per cent
  • Conservatives: 30.9 per cent
  • NDP: 30.1 per cent

Voters were asked a simple question: “If a federal election was held today, could you please rank your top two current local voting preferences?”

Although the Conservatives occupied the third position in previous polls surveys, the party has now stepped up it’s popularity to second position in the latest survey.

A recent Ipsos poll has also revealed that concerns over the Economy are set to dominate the election campaign. Economic issues, including the rising cost of living and job losses occupy seven of the ten highest positions on issues in the minds of the voters.

Creation of new jobs is also one of the many issues raised at the election campaign, specially among the young voters. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau promised that a Liberal government would create 40,000 youth jobs each year for three years as part of a $1.3-billion jobs program. The Liberal leader made the commitment during an election event at an environmental-technologies firm in Burnaby, B.C., east of Vancouver.

Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party has also sought the services of  services of a controversial Australian campaign fixer who is credited with helping David Cameron polls and secure a majority victory in last May’s U.K. election. Lynton Crosby has also been linked to tactics that have rallied voters fearful of immigration and crime behind the campaigns he advises.

The race to be voters’ preferred prime minister remains tight, nightly tracking by Nanos Research for CTV and The Globe and Mail shows.

According to the latest survey:

    • 30.2 per cent of respondents would prefer Conservative Leader Stephen Harper as prime minister
    • 27.5 per cent would prefer Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau
    • 27.3 per cent would prefer NDP Leader Tom Mulcair
    • 4.5 per cent of Canadians preferred Green Party Leader Elizabeth May as PM
    • 8.9 per cent were unsure.

With five more weeks of campaigning to go and a summer coming to an end, the temperature in the election fever is bound to rise and results will soon reveal who will be Canada’s next Prime Minister?

“Prime ministers may not know when their time is up, but voters do’, says Canadian journalist Jeffrey Simpson.

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