The Kaleidascope Ball

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The Kaleidascope Ball

Where Diversity Shines Bright
October 17, 2015

Monsoon Journal congratulates the inductees and delighted to highlight the Inductees, performers and many of the participants at the The Kaleidascope Ball presented by The Scarborough Hospital Foundation and Scarborough Walk of Fame with TD, the presenting sponsor.

About the Inductees


Newspaper Maven – Toronto Community News Publisher


In 1989, Betty Carr became publisher of the Scarborough Mirror. Over the course of her
career, her product portfolio expanded to nine newspapers reaching over 500,000 homes
each week. She helped transform Toronto Community News (TCN) into one of
Metroland’s best performing and most diverse divisions, receiving countless industry
awards, donating millions of dollars worth of advertising space in support of community
initiatives and becoming a celebrated organization that supports over 50 local groups and
a number of partnerships. Her thirst for new ideas complimented her desire to elevate the
community and the combination yielded a prevailing pursuit of excellence.


Three-Time Olympic Gold Medalist and Women’s Hockey Legend


Hockey powerhouse, Cherie Piper has won three Olympic gold medals, and one World
Championship. During her Olympic debut in 2002, she scored a goal and an assist and
finished the tournament with five points in five games helping Canada to win gold. At the
2006 Olympics, Piper was second in team scoring, again bringing home gold and en
route to gold in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics she scored five goals and five assists in
five games. Scoring 40 goals and 78 assists for Canada in 111 career games over twelve
seasons Cherie Piper has inspired women from coast to coast.

Health & Science

Trailblazing Dermatologist


Dr. Sophie Hofstader has been on staff at The Scarborough Hospital for over 52 years.
After battling discrimination she graduated from Dalhousie Medical School – the only
woman in the class. She attained excellence in general practice, delivering over 4,000
babies in her first decade of practice, while holding a prominent position in the College of
Family Practice. She later undertook specialist training in dermatology where her
achievements extended to the publication of numerous academic papers, presentations
at international conferences, supported continued medical education as a lecturer and
clinical mentor. Dr. Hofstader’s contribution to Scarborough will be felt for years to come.


Music Promoter, Artist Manager and Motivational Speaker


British born and Scarborough raised, music promoter, artist manager and motivational
speaker, Farley Flex is perhaps best known for his work on Canadian Idol. One time
manager of Maestro Fresh-Wes, the team earned two Juno Awards and released several
platinum and gold recordings. Flex joined the Milestone Radio team establishing FLOW
93.5, Canada’s first Black-owned and operated radio station, serving as music director,
on air personality and Vice President of Business Development. With a tremendous
passion for community development, Flex has gained international recognition as a social
activist, master mentor and humanitarian. Farley Flex is committed to bringing high
quality inclusive content to the Canadian entertainment industry.

Business & Entertainment

Television Host, Philanthropist, and Home Improvement Contractor


Trusted contractor and popular television personality, Mike Holmes began his career as a
professional contractor in Scarborough, where he also bought his first home. After
working in the building and renovation industry for more than 20 years, Mike was asked
to develop and host his own television series, Holmes on Homes®, which became an
international success and broke ratings records, solidifying his career in television. Mike
went on to produce five of HGTV’s most successful series; published several bestsellers;
started the Holmes Foundation to help young people enter the trades; and developed an
international brand based on quality, integrity and trust.


Many voices come together as one in our musical finale featuring the songs “Home” and “Share The Land”. This music brings together a diverse array of musicians and speaks to the diversity in our Canadian home right here in Scarborough. The finale features a gentle, soulful beginning that explodes into an energetic delight featuring over 30 instrumentalists and singers. From the rhythmic power of our 3 percussionists – to the richness of our young choir – to the heart of each professional singer – every musician resonating together in the finale that celebrates the inspiration and excellence that is represented in the Scarborough Walk of Fame.


The Kaleidoscope Ball Orchestra is a one of a kind 10 piece, musically diverse orchestra
featuring a wide array of instruments and top musicians from across the greater Toronto area.

Lead by musical director Anthony Bastianon, the Kaleidoscope Ball Orchestra will bring a unique musical style, flare and sound to the event and spectacular Closing Celebrity Finale. The core band of keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums is supported by the exciting rhythmic sounds of two diverse percussionists. An electric violin brings an emotional and soaring element to the sound as a diverse array of instrumentalist and singers unite as one in this high-energy finale.


Jeff Madden is perhaps best known for starring as ‘Frankie Valli’ in Jersey Boys, both in Toronto and across Australia, winning the coveted Dora Award for ‘Outstanding Performance in a Musical’ for his work. Overall, Jeff performed this grueling and thrilling role more than 700 times, to a combined audience of more than 1-
Million people.

In his 17-year career, Jeff worked literally across the country in various plays, musicals, concerts and corporate gigs. For eight seasons, Jeff performed at the Shaw Festival, appearing in lead roles in Wonderful Town, High Society, Happy End, and Floyd Collins among others. Jeff has also appeared on TV’s ‘Murdoch Mysteries’ and ‘Mayday’, and has recorded two CDs, “Taking The Wheel”, featuring 14 new arrangements of Musical Theatre songs, and “My Life In Song”, a live recording of his cabaret-style concert show.

These days Jeff is transitioning away from the stage. He recently directed Recurring John and Out of the Lens at the Musical Works in Concert, assistant-directed Into The Woods at Randolph Academy, and is currently teaching acting and singing part-time at Sheridan College, Randolph Academy and privately. When he’s not busy playing husband and/or father to his two lovely girls, Jeff is also pursuing his Masters of Education from OISE at University of Toronto. Follow him on Facebook and @jeffmadden on Twitter.


Julie Nesrallah is a sensational singer, actress and broadcaster engaged by leading opera companies, symphonies, festivals and chamber music ensembles around the world.


Born in Taiwan, Moulann grew up in Toronto, beginning her musical journey early in life. She was an award-winning classical pianist in her teens, when she simultaneously discovered songwriting as an expressive outlet. Through the years, Moulann has collaborated with some of Toronto’s top production talent for her independent releases;
became sought out by overseas labels; and earned a master’s degree in composition. Moulann has performed internationally, taking part in numerous musical, cultural and charitable events, and is recognized as one of Canada’s first and few homegrown Chinese-Canadian singersongwriters. Connect and find her music @moulann


Nandita Dias began her vocal training with Indian Classical singing
and went on to study Western Classical music. Her experiences
living, travelling, studying, and teaching in multiple continents have
influenced her to naturally weave diverse styles into her music. She
has been performing since the age of ten and has sung in Canada,
the US, India, Dubai, Costa Rica, Cuba, Spain and France.


Dynamic hip-hop duo, Perfeck Strangers, is a collaboration between brilliant soloists and veteran Toronto emcees, Dan-e-o and Promise. It’s easy to say that Perfeck Strangers are an unlikely pair, but when listening to their music you would think they have been rhyming together for years.


The award-winning Wexford Gleeks are a nationally recognized ensemble from the Wexford Collegiate Performing Arts program. The Gleeks perform regularly at events across the province and have had the honour of performing for former US presidents,
George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

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