Justin Trudeau becomes Canada’s new Prime Minister and is “now ready” to make a “real change”

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Trudeau Family

Trudeau Family

Gary Anandasangaree with Justin Trudeau

Gary Anandasangaree with Justin Trudeau

Gary family and team

Gary family and team

Gary supporters at Victory

Gary supporters at Victory

 Tamil Canadian Gary Anandasangaree wins Scarborough – Rouge Park comfortably

  • Sitting member Rathika Sitsabaiesan loses to Liberal candidate Shaun Chen
  • Mark Holland beats Immigration Minister Chris Alexander
  • Liberals obtain comfortable 184 seats to form a majority government

                                                      By Siva Sivapragasam

Justin Trudeau, the famous son of a more famous father and whom the Conservatives alleged was “not ready”, is “now ready” to take over as Canada’s newly minted Prime Minister for a “real change”, after securing a resounding victory for the Liberal Party at the Federal Elections.

The Liberal Party and the “Trudeau Team” romped home to victory at Monday’s election capturing 184 seats and securing a comfortable majority to sit in Parliament Hill. The Liberal victory brings an end to the Stephen Harper era and a decade of Conservative rule. Trudeau’s victory was no doubt propelled by a national desire for a genuine change. The Trudeau Team created a landmark in Canadian electoral history by steering a party from third place at the dissolution of Parliament to first place when the campaign ended.

One of the highlights of the election for the Canadian Tamil community was the victory of the Liberal Party candidate Gary Anandasangaree, a Tamil Canadian who won the Scarborough-Rouge Park riding. Gary Anandasangaree is an internationally recognized human rights lawyer and community activist who has advocated tirelessly for education and justice. Gary has been a passionate advocate for human rights issues, regularly representing Lawyer’s Rights Watch Canada at the United Nations. Gary is also a past President of the Canadian Tamils’ Chamber of Commerce. Gary is married to Harini who is also a lawyer and they have 2 daughters, Bhairavi and Sahana.

The electoral results of Monday’s polling turned out as follows:

Liberals ————— 184

Conservatives ——– 99

NDP ——————– 44

BQ   ——————–  10

Green —————— 1

Many issues were thrown before the voters – economy, employment, revoking citizenship, foreign policy, bringing in refugees, and even legalizing brothels and marijuana. Citizen Canada obviously weighed the pros and cons of the many issues before inking his vote for the right party. The marathon seventy-eight days of campaigning have been endless and exhausting.

The election of Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister offers Canada the prospect of a better and more constructive future for Canada. Canadians have chosen a strong, hopeful alternative to the Conservatives. The Liberal wave has swept across Canada winning 184 seats and giving the Trudeau team the people’s endorsement to govern them for the next five years.

Justin Trudeau has promised Canadians a better Canada. It is now up to the “Trudeau Team” to deliver the goods promised.

This is Canada. And in Canada –  Better is always possible.

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