J.J. Atputharajah

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J.J. Atputharajah   B.A (Cey), Post Graduate Diploma-in-Education (Peradeniya), SLETS-Class 1 (Ministry of Education)


Contributing Editor

Contributing Editor

Born in Sri Lanka, he migrated to Canada in 1999. He was a teacher in Sri Lanka, where he taught in both Secondary schools, Teachers colleges and some part-time work at the University of Jaffna. He has also taught for about 8 years in Nigeria on a foreign assignment.

In Canada, he worked as a supply teacher in Geography and as an ESL teacher for newcomers to Canada. His teaching subjects in Sri Lanka were Geography, English, Western History and Principles of Education. Besides these he served as an instructor with the GELT and TACEP English teaching programs and also helped as an editor for the FORUM and ECHOE-magazines published on behalf of these projects.

He had an interest in writing poetry right from my school days, though he claims that he was not an expert at it. He has written poems for Poetry.Com and Poeticious, on-line promotors for poetry writing. His interest in journalism also started earlier when he wrote articles and news reports to the `Morning Star`- a church newspaper of the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India. Subsequently he has written articles to the Sunday Observer and the Sunday Times-though not regularly.

In Canada he writes articles and news reports for Toronto’s Monsoon Journal and at times for other journals like the Sri Lankan Anchorman, Ceylon Express and Siraku – a Tamil monthly Christian newspaper. In addition he has also served as a news monitor (Tamil Media) for Plurivox Media Cooperation, Ottawa. He would like to thank the Editor of the Toronto Monsoon Journal for the support and encouragement to pursue his interest in the field of journalism.

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