Canada Election 2015

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Harper,Trudeau & Mulcair

NDP leads in forum poll for a majority Government

  • Conservatives pushed back to third place while Liberal Party in second position

                         By Siva Sivapragasam

It’s an orange wave again with the NDP surging ahead for a majority government, according to the recent Forum Research Poll. The governing Conservative Party seems to be facing a perfect storm sitting at a third place in the election forecast. The Liberal Party has moved up to a second position in the poll survey.

The results of the polls forecast are as follows:

NDP –  40%

Liberal Party – 30%

PC – 23%

The Forum Research Polls indicate that the NDP may reach a comfortable 174 seats in the coming election which is necessary to form a majority Government. Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party seems to be losing ground recently due mainly to the current Senator Mike Duffy’s trial and the threat of a sliding Canadian economy brought about by a recent stock market scare. The economy issue has forced itself back into the forefront of the federal election campaign. Two new polls surveys also suggest that the Conservatives could be hurt by the fallout from the Duffy trial.

The NDP’s main support is stemming from Quebec (54%), Manitoba & Saskatchewan (41%), British Columbia (39%) and Ontario (36%).The Liberals have made some gains since the campaign began beating the Conservatives and gaining ground to reach the NDP. Meanwhile, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair has promised a balanced budget but the Conservatives are countering this by saying that this would mean many cut-backs on government expenditure.

The polls survey is rather an early forecast and with nearly seven more weeks to go for the election, changes can take place later in the race as the election date draws closer.

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